Transvaginal Mesh

The Pros and Cons of Online Forums and Research for Mesh Clients

As evidenced by this very blog which is sponsored by Mostyn Law Firm, our firm finds great value in the information mesh clients can obtain online.  There is much to be learned about the mesh world, given the vast number of women navigating issues related to an implanted transvaginal mesh product and the complexity of the ensuing litigation.  Online research can often be a wellspring of information and helpful suggestions, but there are things to keep in mind when reading someone else’s advice or experiences.  Overall, we encourage anyone affected by transvaginal mesh to learn all that they can so that they are better able to make the best decisions for their ongoing health and futures.

Many of our clients find their resulting mesh-related health issues to be isolating and often humiliating.

The ways in which a failing mesh device effect our clients’ health and, subsequently, entire lives, are deeply personal.  Many of our clients have not shared their ongoing health or emotional issues with their medical providers or closest friends and family because they are so deeply embarrassed.  Online forums filled with women experiencing the same issues can be incredibly helpful in making a woman struggling with their mesh implant feel less alone and less stigmatized.  Suggestions for doctors, treatment, trustworthy lawyers or experts can empower women who feel paralyzed or confused by how to handle such unexpected issues to take control of their post-mesh implant health.  These are invaluable resources that make a client feel known and cared for, as well as informed, valued, and equipped.
While there are certainly helpful resources to be found, there can also be some drawbacks to information found online.  Online posts can be finite and easily taken out of context or misunderstood.  Confusion can ensue, leaving clients unnecessarily upset.  Information regarding one woman’s settlement or jury award can cause a client who has neither to feel needlessly panicked about the status of her case.  Each woman’s transvaginal mesh claim is specific to their implanted products, ongoing health issues, the venue in which their case is filed, and the law firm they have chosen to represent them.  We encourage our clients to contact our firm with any questions they have about something they have read in the news or online, and how it may affect their claim.  It is a great idea to express any concerns you might be having to your health professional and/or representing attorney when you read something online that raises more questions than answers.


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