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Is water damage covered in your policy? 

Most likely yes, but this is not always covered. Be sure to review your policy to confirm what perils are covered when purchasing your homeowners insurance. Water damage from a busted pipe, for example, would be covered under the sudden and accidental provision of your policy.  However, it is possible the cause of the water damage may not be covered. Your policy will most likely pay for the damage caused by the water, such as sheet rock, insulation, and flooring.  Even the damage caused when opening the walls to get to the busted pipe may be covered, yet the damaged pipe itself would be excluded from coverage.

Water damage coming from rain water NOT entering from the ground up would be covered in most cases as well. This damage of damage is usually seen in hurricanes, hail storms and wind storms when the roof is compromised allowing the rain to enter the home. Be sure your roof is in good condition especially if your area is prone to storms. Texas has frequent storms that can be quite violent.  Homeowners do well to have maintained a good roof to withstand this weather.

If water enters the home from the ground up, such as flood water or sewage water, your homeowner’s policy excludes this coverage.  You will need to contact your flood insurer or FEMA to inquire about assistance with this type of loss.

I’m sure it may not be on the top of everyone’s long “To Do” list to review your insurance policy periodically, but what a great money saver and when you can do so and find something that concerns you about your coverage in advance before a claim is denied or determined to be excluded.  Only a few minutes of your time and possibly a call to your agent can allow you to rest at night knowing the extent of coverage you have purchased for your home is sufficient.

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