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Transvaginal Mesh Settlements – Important Legal Information You Need to Know

Are you experiencing complications or side effects from a transvaginal mesh? Get help now!

Transvaginal mesh or also known as pelvic mesh or bladder sling has been implanted in hundreds of thousands of women to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and SUI or stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Many of these women suffered serious complications which resulted in more than 100,000 transvaginal lawsuits. The majority of the case filed are pending in Multi-District Litigation in West Virginia.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits and Settlements

The transvaginal mesh lawsuits claim that Companies and Manufacturers:

  • Failed to organize perform the appropriate research, studies and testing to establish the risks of surgical mesh used for female pelvic disorders
  • Fast tracked the approval of the device without the appropriate research, studies and testing to establish the efficacy and safety of transvaginal mesh products
  • Had a legal responsibility to ensure the effectiveness and safety of their products but failed to protect the public
  • Failed to determine methods that are effective and safe for removing the transvaginal mesh implant

Most of the Mesh Manufacturers have pulled all or some of their products from the market. Despite the large number of complaints and lawsuits from the use of trans- vaginal mesh, the products are still being used and are being implanted in women every day. Many women may not experience problems related to their mesh implant for several years.

If you have a trans-vaginal mesh product you need to have your case evaluated by our team of mesh professionals. The Mostyn Law Firm represents thousands of women implanted with trans-vaginal mesh.

Settlements from Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

Many of the cases filed in West Virginia have been settled and discussions are ongoing between victims and Mesh Manufacturers to settle many of the remaining cases. All states have statutes that proscribe when a law suit must be filed. The time for filing your law suit may be running out. Call our experienced team of mesh professionals to evaluate your case and determine if you qualify for a settlement.

How much can a woman receive if she decides to settle a lawsuit over the vaginal mesh failure?

Each case remains an individual lawsuit and each victim’s damages will be established based on the identity of the manufacturer, and the circumstances of the case and how the transvaginal mesh failure has affected the health of the victim.

In order to review a potential claim for yourself or for a loved one, please call our office to request a free consultation or free claim evaluation.

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